Forever alone


Happy Sunday to you all.

So I wanted to post about a variety different things because I’m feeling mouthy and very catty. However my mother has since calmed me so you miss out on my rant.

Just kidding

So my inspiration for this piece started when I went to go get my eyebrows threaded. There were three girls possibly aged around seven. I can’t guarantee you their age but they looked seven and had the mentality of two-year olds.

So there I was getting my eyebrows ripped to pieces when I hear one say “forever alone”.

You should know that I have a habit of snorting – as in laughter not cocaine.

I almost lost an eyebrow because I was laughing so hard. I haven’t heard such stupidity in my whole life. This is coming out of the mouths of children who haven’t hit puberty. This poor girl went on for 10 minutes about how she will never find and I quote “a man”. My mind can’t even digest half of the things I heard. It’s the first time I had ever heard it said aloud although I know the trend has been around for a while.

Don’t assume that because I heard a girl say it that boys are innocent. Too many of my male twitter followers have said “forever alone” too.  I understand that many say it as a joke – that’s fine but I know how many of you say it seriously. Believe me I know the difference.

Age and gender are irrelevant but ‘romance’ shouldn’t even be in your mind until you’re 16 – and it’s only because we know the meaning of hormones.  I understand that its human nature to want some company I do but the desperation needs to stop.

Ask yourself this – will I honestly find someone if I complain I’m forever alone.

I’m just going to answer this for all of you NONONONONONONONO. Well some of you might but all you’re doing is putting yourself down. When you stop caring about finding someone it will just happen.  I’m not saying that today you stop caring and tomorrow equals relationship time.  What I am saying is people need time and things will develop itself over time. If you like/love someone who doesn’t feel the same way it doesn’t mean you’re forever alone. It means that one day you’ll get lucky and find someone who feels the same but twice as much.

It’s got the point where this dumbass trend has memes

Here are some of my favourite

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Seriously though have you all lost your sanity?

If you were a thirty year old and you said forever alone, I may understand you more than a seven-year old but just don’t.

Let me give you all an example.

You go on Twitter or Facebook to check out the person you like.  Get to the profile you see-

Person you like: I’m forever alone 😥 poor me.

That would be enough for me to change my mind. Confidence is sexy. Own yourself and everything else follows. We may not find everyone in this world attractive but it’s guaranteed that a lot of people will find YOU attractive.

We bring ourselves down to often but you need to walk around like you’re the hottest mofo on earth. Every second we use criticising ourselves is a pointless second lost. If you aren’t confident just pretend – eventually it starts working.

For those who will read this and still believe their forever alone I pinky promise you if we hit 50 and were single we can go live in an igloo and have our own forever alone club.


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