Girls and why I don’t like them.

I haven’t blogged in ages; I have been seriously busy writing essays for my course but I am back.

There is something I would like to talk about today that has been pegging in my mind for a few days.






& why I don’t like them.

Obviously I don’t dislike the majority of girls, but I have learnt over the course of  18 years that girls are complicated and for some strange reason – they will turn on you.

When I was younger I used to believe that all girls were my best friends and I would have sworn on my life that we would all remain friends till we were old and grey. Reality check – that didn’t happen. It may have happened for some of you but we all had that one friend that backstabbed us. What you’ll probably learn is that the best kinds of friends emerge from college and university [with a few exceptions].

I blame puberty for making me lose faith in girls. We were all unemotional and carefree until the day finally came for us to become teenagers. We all turned psychotic with our hormones and that’s when the problems started. All of a sudden it became acceptable to bad mouth our friends behind their backs and flirt with committed testosterone. Not cool

I could have easily said this was the end of my rant but NO. Secondary is like a warm up to the rest of your life. Some of us grow out of the ‘bitchy’ stage whereas some of you don’t.  If you want to act like a fool in secondary be my guest because well Drake said ‘YOLO’ but in the big leagues people will not take your crap.

I would like anyone brave enough [which won’t happen] to tell me why it’s acceptable to flirt with your friend or someone you know interest/ boyfriend/husband. There just isn’t a good enough reason?  I know some girls will be thinking “why is this girl having a go at me I’m single, he isn’t blah blah”. You’re right about being single – and if a guy wants to cheat with you – you are both dumbasses but as a girl surely you know what it’s like to have insecurities. Instead of fuelling those insecurities onto another girl – you should just avoid any situation that could get you in trouble. You’ll look ten times classier.

Emotions are heightened as you grow up – and actions will have consequences. If you screw your friends over karma will hunt you down.

Obviously the story is a little different if you don’t know if there tied down – but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Looking back I should have listened to Disney films. I was always more excited with the love story but had I been smarter I would have learnt that they were teaching me life lessons.


Cinderella – the moral of this tale is that girls are constantly in competition to be the best. You would all be lying if you said you haven’t felt jealousy towards another girl –whether it’s about her looks or she’s with the guy you like.  We constantly pick flaws in ourselves and other girls to make us feel better.  Hate to break the news but it probably doesn’t get easier – so in this case if you’re Cinderella you may as well not exist.

Snow White – girls will go out of their way to hurt you. Girls are emotional and irrational – mix the both together and it’s a recipe for a disaster. Always check your apples girls. Lethal stuff.

Sleeping Beauty – every girl is looking for her prince charming. If you find him KEEP HIM – because if another girl sets her claws on him , believe me when I say she won’t spare your feelings [EVEN IF YOUR’E BEST FRIENDS/RELATED].

Oh girls, girls girls – what ever happened to female empowerment?

If you are one of these girls I just described – change your ways because it might seem fun now but you’ll wake up one day with no friends left and you’ll regret everything.

As for the girls that aren’t like I described we can all hold hands and sing along to Spice Girls anthems.

3 thoughts on “Girls and why I don’t like them.

  1. Neil says:

    yh, “insecurity” summed this up.
    Girls are very complicated. They are moody and impossible to understand. Even from a girl point of view.
    If there is a book about all the things us guys know about girls, it will be a book full of blank pages.
    I think being bitchy is just part of the adolescent package of being a girl. They will (or hopefully) grow out of it.

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