Christmas gifts for the men in your life



I guess this is the easiest category for me seeing as mine isn’t in my life. So instead I asked some of my mates to contribute.


Simple but effective, it’s probably better to buy a set that way it looks like you’ve bought more than you have.


Pielnoble – have a beautiful range of wallets. Your dad may not go as far as to call the wallet beautiful but he will be pretty chuffed. Who doesn’t love the smell of leather?


I guess this is one department where you just can’t go wrong. You know the kind of genre your dad likes so just search for those types of box sets.


I have a lot of guys friends, I think it’s easier to be mates with guys because it usually equals less drama. So if you’re like me I’m sure you’ll be investing in plenty of sexy calendars for the guys. Like in my previous post you can find relatively cheap ones in HMV.


Having someone to call a best friend is trickier. My issue with this is what if he doesn’t get you anything and you look soo damn stupid if you’ve made a serious effort (which I would).

I guess in all honesty I would probably buy my best guy friend either Abercrombie perfume/ aftershave (if you haven’t just go in and smell their range). It smells ridiculously good. I would also maybe go out of my way to buy him something special in terms of clothing – possibly branded.

You can also do what I suggested for the girls:

  • Take him for lunch and buy him something small while you’re out.
  • Go for Christmas drinks

The guy you like

This is always more awkward for girls to approach but you could try sending out some signals out. You can casually ask him what he’s hoping for in 2013 whilst imagining yourself as his girlfriend. In all seriousness if you feel some sort of chemistry you may aswell risk telling him, you have nothing to lose except him saying no – you’re just a step closer to getting a yes.

The boyfriend

Somehow I always feel in the zone when writing about what to buy boyfriends.


Guys love to be entertained; the 3 year old within them never disappears. I recommend remote controlled cars just because I enjoy playing with them too. A reasonable price would be about £25 and if you know your man likes a specific kind of vehicle, go out of your way to see if a remote controlled toy exists.

Fun days out

I think you can find these packages anywhere.

You can find anything to suit your boyfriend’s needs –

 Personalised gifts

I can’t stress enough how much I love giving personalised gifts.  One of the gifts I enjoyed making the most was a huge scrap book where I edited the pictures and made different designs for each page. In the moment it’s a so tiring but when they receive the present it’s bliss.

My top 3 websites for personalised gifts are:

I have accounts on all three because collectively they act like my present bible. I don’t think you can go wrong if you check out these sites and give the present some thought.


There is no drama when buying the boyfriend clothes, just purely because somewhere down the line you know there size and they practically tell you what they like. Plus I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if they like a brand it’s practically all they wear until they move on.

Hopefully that helped in some sort of way. You can see a different in length. Guys are just more straight forward to shop for.

Happy shopping – the countdown is on.


3 thoughts on “Christmas gifts for the men in your life

  1. Jessica says:

    I love that you love personalised gifts, I do too!
    I’ve just read all of your blog Natalie, distracted from work but I look forward to reading more in the future.

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