Goodbye 2012

According to my maths if we don’t die on the 21st then the end of 2012 happens in 17 days. Originally I was going to save this post till New Year’s Eve to end the year on a positive, but knowing me I wouldn’t want to write this unless I’m in a good mood- and I won’t be.
For the many of you that don’t know me – I hate the holidays. You can go as far as to call me the Grinch but that’s me. However I have decided to make this post positive rather than negative.
2012 has been the quickest year of my life to date. I remember last Christmas like it was yesterday. I would be lying if I said I was going to miss 2012 – aswell as being quick, it’s been a pretty awful year. I thought it would be pretty easy to write about the downs of the year so instead I’m going to write about 12 highlights of the year. Trust me when I say this is going to be challenging.

1. In terms of transformation this year saw me celebrate a 50 pound weight loss. 50!!! It doesn’t even seem real to write that figure down but I did manage it. Losing weight boosted my confidence towards the second half of the year. If anyone is struggling with losing weight, know it can be done–it just takes time and dedication. It sounds like a cliché but its true.

Celebrating the weight loss
Celebrating the weight loss

2. I got into university – as you know if you read the ‘about’ tab – I’m a journalism student from City University London. If you want to be a journalist and you live abroad then City is the only place to be.

3. I got a tattoo this year with the words ‘yaya’ on my right wrist. Yaya was my first word and it’s what I refer to as my gran in Spanish. But for normal people the word in Spanish is ‘abuela’.

4. On my 18th birthday I got the most beautiful video made to me by my cousin.  It’s just flawless and the effort is insane. At some point I will try to upload it onto here so all you lovely people can see.

5. This really goes out to all of my friends. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated them as much as I have this year. Just to name a few: Chantal, Luisa, Elena, Athena, Jess, Ngoc, Kat, Sarah, Jayla, Neil, Alex and Sam – each of them have helped me in one way or another. Without them I would be completely lost. Like I said I’ve just mentioned a few, I have had a lot of support from my friends this year.

6. I FELL IN LOVE. Yes believe it or not I fell in love with the one and only PITBULL. If you follow me on Twitter you know I pest him quite a bit to follow me. Being a Latina it was bound to happen. I know he has haters but well haterz gonna hate ite?

A love like ours has no bounds
A love like ours has no bounds

Half way done and this is proving harder as I go along.

7. I went to see Owl City with my best friend (Chantal). The concert was in October and it was the highlight of the year. The opening sets are usually a waste of time but Matthew Koma was opening for Owl City and everyone there was fixed on him. His music is just incredible and relatable. We got the chance to meet him after the concert. It was the first time I had  used the word happy in a long time – music is just the ultimate escape from reality and for 2 hours I was in a space of people who just didn’t care about what was going on outside of the concert. It also helped that Chantal got slightly drunk and professed her undying love for me.

Matthew Koma, Adam Young, Me & Chantal

Matthew Koma, Adam Young, Me & Chantal

 8. I’m thankful that my family haven’t had any health problems this year. It may not count as a highlight but well I’m running out of things to say.

9.  I bought tickets to see MAROON 5 AND RIHANNA. Give me a moment while I fangirl.

10. I ran a 5k in 22 minutes. The key to doing this is by imagining you’re running next to someone you dislike and trying to beat them. I won’t tell you who I was imagining though 😉

11. The codenames me and my girls made up for nights out incase we come across unwanted attention. I call myself either liza/Camden. Chantal calls herself BANIA – as in Bane from batman and Luisa calls herself Lexie.

12. This last highlight is more like a realisation – although it’s been a hard year for me for many different reasons, I feel like I’ve taken everything that came my way and made the most out of every bad situation. Sometimes we need to brave the storms because they don’t last forever. I promise

It may have taken me a few hours but the list is done!

To everyone reading my blog, I appreciate every hit I get and if you had a shitty year then know you’re not alone.

Every cloud has a silver lining and I have a good feeling that this time next year I’ll be able to write 24 highlights rather than struggle writing 12.


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