Awkward & embarrassing moments.

Running into someone you don’t like

This happens to ALL of us. We can’t avoid it or prevent it – we just have to deal with it.

You’ll be strolling around in joyful bliss or in misery (doesn’t actually change a thing) and BAM there they are. It’s usually the people you were glad to get rid of, or the person you least expected to see and what’s even worse – they’ve seen you too. Suddenly it becomes a scene from a western movie and you’re ready for a showdown. You have three choices.

  1.    Turn around and never look back.
  2.   Keep walking and pretend you haven’t noticed them.
  3.   Stop to engage in boring chit-chat, or simply head nod as you walk past.

In my case I don’t even need to decide – instinctively my foot will pivot and turn around. Take that douche bags. Surely if I haven’t spoken to you in longer than a year, I’m not about to engage in a fake conversation with you.

I feel like it’s a ridiculous cliché to add here but it really is a small world.  It’s weird how we always bump into the people we desperately try to avoid (or at least that’s what happens to me)


Waving at someone who’s not waving at you.

I feel like you can never recover from this embarrassing situation. You’ll be forever scared. This happened to me today, I was walking around my area – Islington and this girl on the other side of the road just started waving. I turned my head twice to check if there was anyone behind me – and there wasn’t. So I started waving back because for all I knew I could have known that girl … but no. I didn’t notice the guy crossing the side of the road to meet her. It’s safe to say I started laughing at myself before breaking out into a quick walk.

The friend that doesn’t share food

If you don’t share food you will automatically become the tight friend. There’s always one person who won’t share their popcorn with you in the cinema, or the one who won’t offer you a square of their chocolate. Honey please – we are in times of crisis, help a friend out.  Unless you’re Joey you have no excuse.


It’s like in my primary school – we would all have packed lunches and we would swap our Babybel for Angel Slices, yet there would be one child who refused to share their Monster Munch crisps. Shame on you. In adult world the states are slightly higher. If you’re in a group on a night out the normal thing to do is buy a round – but there will be one who accepts the free drinks but has no money to buy for you.

If you are this person – you need to man/woman up before you end up buying your own drinks for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Shopping trolleys gone wild

This is probably the least frequent but it happens to me quite a lot. I get shopping trolleys that have minds of their own – the wheels just won’t follow my lead. If I’m going right they turn left. It makes my food shop impossible.

The worst thing about it is everyone will be able to see the struggle on my face as I try to move through the aisles.  Whenever I use an omen trolley it results in me pulling a face that’s in between constipation and confusion. Its hard work. I applaud the many of you who have had this kind of experience and haven’t given up. Hooray for us.

Those are just some of many, I hope that even if you didn’t relate to any it at least made you laugh.


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