*Before you read ahead this will have distresssing images and strong language so don’t say I didn’t warn you*

Anyone who has a Twitter account has most likely heard of the cut4bieber trend.

This picture

weed fanatic?

weed fanatic?

provoked this


When I first heard about it I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – seriously what the fuck is wrong with people. I don’t care if Justin Bieber allegedly smokes weed, the world could ACTUALLY be ending and I still wouldn’t give a shit. Do you honestly even blame him with some of the fans he has?

I have nothing against Justin; I like a few of his songs but his army of ‘beliebers’ are just way too much to handle. Some of them are genuinely so obsessed they don’t understand that aside from him being a singer – he has a life that doesn’t include his fans *shock horror*

I know not all ‘beliebers’ are crazy but this is just one of many examples of how fans get caught up in their world. Having said that – it applies to fans in general not just Justin Biebers. At some time or another we all go through stages where we become a fan girl – I would know I went through a ; High School Musical, Jonas Brothers and Twilight stage. I can admittedly say I was obsessed, I turned my room into shrine and I would lovingly just gaze at my posters but I wouldn’t have cut myself is Zac Efron had decided to quit HSM.

There are thousands if not millions of people all over the world who have or are self-harming for reasons that don’t include Justin Bieber. It’s actually infuriating to know some of his fans are self-harming for no genuine real reason – pure idiocy. I also find it annoying that it’s taken this one photo to bring self-harming more media coverage. There is something seriously wrong with this world.

Self-harming isn’t a joke, and that’s what this whole cut for Bieber trend is. It’s making a mockery over a serious issue as well as promoting others to self-harm. It’s disgusting.  This only reflects just how powerful the internet and the media are – there are just no limitations. Welcome to the modern world eh?

If anything I worry for the mothers whose children worship the Biebs.

The moral of this story is to respect those who self – harm and the second moral is that some female beliebers AKA the girl from the photo needs some serious help.


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