January – the only way is weight loss

I haven’t blogged in a few days but believe me there is a good enough excuse – my laptop has been in repairs for over a week *RIP*. I’m currently using the tiniest laptop also known as my mum’s notebook. There were two topics I wanted to talk about so you’ll get to read two posts today.

I really wanted to talk about the New Year weight loss craze & cut4bieber – so read whichever tickles you’re fancy.

Were 12 days into the New Year and so far so good except I have one slight issue- The weight loss craze. I feel like I’m a sane being living in an insane society.

Throughout November and December our adverts are taken over by M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury. They basically tease us with our favourite Christmas foods – sneaky buggers

If you’re like me then you just sit there watching the adverts making a check list of everything you’re going to eat. Sounds blissful right? afraid not.

After I’ve consumed my way through a land of calories January rolls its ugly head to persuade me to diet. WELL I REFUSE! A lot of people gain a few extra pounds over the holidays – you eat more and you pick other things to do over exercise. That alone doesn’t give me a good enough reason to diet – isn’t it easier to just go back to how you were before Christmas. I don’t understand the constant pressure to diet in January and summer. I rarely see Weight Watcher adverts throughout the year yet it’s on every day in January.

If you want to diet that’s your choice, but don’t let adverts persuade you. You may have eaten slightly more over the Christmas holidays but don’t let these adverts fool you with the classic ‘new year new you’ or ‘ now Christmas is over start getting ready for summer’ or my favourite ‘New Year special deals – JOIN NOW’

As a FFF (former fat friend) I know what it takes to lose weight. I was overweight from a young age and as a result of bullies – I tried almost every diet.

Natalie’s failed diet plans

  • The soup diet
  • The no eating diet
  • The water only diet
  • Cambridge diet
  • Skip breakfast diet
  • Atkins diet

I started dieting when I was 13, I would lose weight and gain again. Looking back I wasn’t doing myself any favours.  Every year I would tell myself my New Year’s resolution would be to lose weight and THEN it hit me two years ago that I would stop saying that – because the pressure became immense and what happened?

I shed 3 stones in the course of a year and a half *high five*

How did I do it? I used my past self as motivation – I joined a gym and met a personal trainer called Kelly and learned to eat sensibly. I never deprived myself of anything but I became calorie smart. I used to weigh myself once a week at the same time to keep an eye on the progress.

Was it hard? YES, I cried so many times – from physical gym pain and I cried when I felt like it would never get better.

The end result?

Before & after

Before & after

I could find clothes anywhere

I could find clothes anywhere

I began to smile more

I began to smile more

I became a social butterfly

I became a social butterfly

I finally let others take pictures of me

I finally let others take pictures of me

What I’m trying to say after a long ramble is that I understand the pressure – I know what it’s like to over indulge and notice the weight pile on. I know how difficult it is to have will power in the face of chocolate cake.  It’s taken me years to feel beautiful and it happened when I stopped the media pressurising me  and when I stopped pressuring myself and let it happen.

It’s hard to do anything alone – but start dieting when you’re ready, not when the media influences us to. If you’re not motivated to change yourself it  won’t happen. However if I had to recommend a diet I would suggest Weight Watchers – it’s the only one I have found to have a decent and sustainable weight loss every week.

It doesn’t matter what shape, size you are – nobody has the right to judge you. If you want to diet then as a person who’s come out at the end 3 stones lighter – I can tell you it’s given me such a confidence buzz and I’m noticeably happier to everyone who knows me. If you don’t care about diets then that’s brilliant – each to his own just don’t let January bring you own.

The only way isn’t weight loss, just find happiness in the hobbies you love.

And finally I wish you all a successful and happy 2013!



3 thoughts on “January – the only way is weight loss

  1. Neil says:

    Ahhh, this bring back memories. Back in year 3, I had to take some medication because of my asthma. It works but it increases my appetite drastically. I gain so much weight so fast. It gotten to the point when a kid addressed me as a fat girl. I laughed so hard, lol. Then I decide to stop the medication, asthma was back and I got back to my normal size after a few weeks. So believe it or not but I DO know what it feel like to be a fat girl 🙂

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