Things I don’t understand

1. Why slow walkers exist whenever I need to be somewhere.
It’s like they’re on a mission to make me late

2. Why I’m so gullible
I think it must be printed on my forehead

3. Why people say ‘ we’ll stay in touch’ but never do
How about we don’t lie to ourselves, that way if we bump into each other randomly it’s not as awkward?

4. The excessive need to judge someone
We all do it, so I guess were just as bad as each other

5. Why we can’t see into the future
I don’t need the specific details but those days where you feel like shit, this would be essential

6. Why chocolate is so bad for you
It’s not natural for something so good to be so bad

7. Why people get a thrill from getting drunk
If you need or get a thrill from getting drunk then you need to take yourself to another planet and get off mine. Thanks

8. Why people use the term ‘messy’ about nights out.
If you check The Oxford Dictionary you’ll find you’re using the term wrong

9. Death
It doesn’t seem fair that people can just get taken away from you for good

10. We spend most of our life, studying, working or stressing out
I blame the government. 5 day weekend anyone?

11. Why I don’t like brussel sprouts even though I’ve never tried them
Maybe it’s the way they look, or the fact nobody likes them so I just follow the herd

12. Why we depend on social media
Just blah

13. Why you have to kiss a few frogs to find the prince
Aint nobody got time for that

14. Procrastination
Even though I’ll break out into sweats and get grey hair I leave everything till last minute. My name should be Natalie Procrastination Gomez

15. Why we need to put £1 in the Sainsbury trolley when we just get it back after
It’s not like I’m a trolley thief

16. Why bad things happen to good people
The cycle of life? Yeah I don’t think so

17. The instant chemistry you have with someone

18. Why we have to get ill (this one was from mother Gomez who currently has the flu)
I don’t know mother, I don’t know

19. Why there are still third world countries
Sharing is caring

20. Why I never win the lottery
Maybe next time


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