The girl behind the blog.

This is a more personal post, so you can get to know me a little better. I’ve seen other bloggers do the same kind of post but I didn’t want to do it at the same time. Although I should be working on my History essay I decided that this would be the best time to post. Who doesn’t love a bit of procrastination?

1. I have lethal ninja coordination – I dare you to throw something at me

2. The first man I ever truly loved was Batman, I carried my Batman toy everywhere!

photo (19)

3. Despite being over 6ft, I have a fear of heights; just climbing on a step ladder gives me anxiety

4. I hate Yellow anything

5. Apologise by One republic is my all-time favourite song and guess who’s going to see them?


6. I only live with women (mum, gran and cousin)

7. I name every single teddy I get

8. I have an alter ego called Shaniqua – you don’t want to mess with her

9. I’ll only ever say sorry unless I mean it

10. Cheese brings me a joy that I can’t even begin to explain

11. I have a soft spot for Irish accents

12. My mood swings are on another level (my mums fault)

13. I haven’t eaten in Angus Steak House since I was 3 and refuse to ever eat there again (I have daddy issues)

14. I don’t wear hats, they just don’t suit my head sigh

15. I have a distinctive mark on my upper lip – so if I ever go missing you know how to find me

16. I could hibernate in my room for days


17. I rarely wear makeup

18. This year I’ll be seeing: Jake Bugg, One Republic, Matthew Koma, Maroon 5, Rihanna and Pitbull (To be announced) in concert.

19. Feet disgust me

20. My gran is my saving grace


21. Whenever I drink alcohol my cheeks go red, so you’ll know regardless

photo (20)

22. I ran 5k in 22 minutes – go me

23. My favourite spot in London is Regents Park

24. My favourite Disney character is Bruce from Finding Nemo

photo (18)


25. I want a dog for my 19th Birthday (27th March) please and thank you


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