Quotes I live by

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I wasn’t feeling so great yesterday which is why I didn’t post. However I wanted to channel those negatives feelings and turn it into a positive post.

I have certain quotes/mantras that will just change my mood almost instantly and I wanted to share my favourites with you.

Before I start I wanted to say a thanks to my cousin for her whiteboard skills.  Now lets gogogo




Isn’t it just as simple as that? I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out why things don’t work – why old friends drift, why relationships are so difficult etc and now I don’t bother. I’ve learned to accept that people will come in and out of your life but they all serve a purpose, which one? That’s up to you to find out.



I don’t love this quote I LLOOVVEE it! Double the emphasis. It subtly sums up what love should be – extraordinary. Always remember – if you’re with someone who doesn’t make you feel special there is someone out there who will.




Cheesy but classic

 Taking risks


 I can never make decisions, I find them unbearable and this quote reflects how difficult choices can be.  You never know what life will throw at you but what happens in between is down to us.



I think it speaks for itself. If you live for yourself then your accountable for your achievements and failures, but if you start basing decisions for other people then you let yourself miss out on valuable experiences.

Maybe you’ve liked them and maybe you haven’t but those simple words go along way.




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