The truth about Facebook

Relationships aren’t private

* Billy Bob just broke up with me 😦 *

2 days later…

*We got back together 😀 *


You get tagged in inappropriate pictures

*Billy Bob just tagged you in 49 pictures*


The person you like gets tagged with someone you don’t like

*asshole just tagged your crush in 49 pictures*


The location tab brings out your inner stalker

*Billy Bob is in Nandos*

Sigh, let’s pay him a visit


People write stupid statuses

*I can’t decide what to eat*

I don’t care, sigh


People brag about being drunk

*Time to get messy*, *my head is banging*

Clearly you don’t know what dignity means?

P.S I think you’ll find you’re using the term messy wrong, sigh


People get cocky over a screen

*Billy Bob picks a fight with you on your wall*


*Billy Bob doesn’t say anything to your face*


Fake birthday messages

*Billy Bob just wished you happy birthday*

I haven’t talked to him in two years, sigh

Game requests

*Billy Bob has invited you to play….*

No thank you, sigh

Yes I know the list could go on and I’m sure it pegs the question why don’t I delete my Facebook – if I wasn’t so nosey I would.


To all those people who don’t fit these descriptions, I salute you!


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