Things girls do

There are so many weird and wonderful things we do. You’ve probably heard them all before but this is my take on a few things girls do.

Dorito girl

I’m not one for makeup; eyeliner, blusher and glitter will be enough to last me a lifetime. It’s not that I don’t like make up, but I’ve been fortunate to have good skin and try to avoid anything that can damage it. But sadly this definitely isn’t the case with some of you. Sigh.

Earlier today, I gave myself a little challenge – my mission was to look like a dorito/drag/orangutan.



I'm a dorito and I know it.

I’m a dorito and I know it.

Mission completed.

Let’s all take a second to digest.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone any girl leaves their house in that kind of state. It’s not attractive and if anything you’re giving the rest of us something to laugh about.

Results of the experiment: I look 1000% better without makeup. It took me 45 minutes to fully remove all the makeup – which only took about ten minutes to put on. Where is the logic ladies?

Conclusion: If you know a girl like this, attack her face with makeup wipes.

High heel obsession

Fortunately for me, being over 6ft means I wear flats all the time but 90% of my friends will put their feet through complete agony over a pair of  high heels. I guarantee you that on nights out, there will always be one girl in the group who complains about her feet.

What’s worse knows that some girls go to extreme lengths to wear heels;

Girl: Have you got these in a size 6

Sales assistant goes check

Sales assistant: Sorry we only have size 5

Girl: Sure I can try them on

Girl tries them on. Girl is in pain. Girl buys the size 5 heels. Girl has lost her mind.

Ladies be kind to your feet, or suffer the consequences when you get older.

We go to the toilet in pairs

It’s like the toilet represents Noah’s Ark, we just seem to go in pairs. Sometimes I don’t even need to go but I’ll just stand there waiting for my friend. Maybe it’s got something to do with the female bible or maybe just maybe we’re living double lives – average girl by day, toilet protector by night.  Excuse my moment of madness

We critisce ourselves a lot

Girl 1: eugh I’m so ugly

Girl 2: no you’re beautiful but I have such a wonky nose

Girl 3: guys I’m going on a diet

Girl 4: don’t be silly, if anyone needs to lose weight it would be me.


In the words of Christina Aguilera: you are beautiful no matter what they say…

We over anylse every little detail

Boy: you look nice today

Girl: didn’t I look nice yesterday?

Boy: talk to you later

Girl: when exactly is later though, few hours, tomorrow, next week? Am I messaging you or are you going to message me first?

Yeah you all know exactly what I’m talking about. We just latch on to words and begin to overthink everything.

The list is endless but I hope you enjoyed my pick.


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