The art of confidence #2

Last month I started ‘the art of confidence’, in a nutshell it’s a series aiming to tackle my biggest fears over a 12 month period.

Last month I set myself a few goals to face my anxiety, so its time to update you on my progress.

I started reading ‘Control Stress’  by Paul McKenna which includes a CD.  It’s a simple book to get through and the CD is straight forward. I think it’s a useful book to have in any collection, but not a self-dependent book to fix all your problems.

However, nothing could beat a weekend trip to Connemara, county Galway on the West Coast of Ireland.

The lifestyle was incredibly different to London. The biggest difference being that the people were so much friendlier. They were welcoming and far more receptive, making them visibly  relaxed. It was a nice break from the London zombies.It was the perfect place to unwind and if you’re in need of a good nights sleep, that’s the place to be.

I’m not saying that going away fixes anything, because it doesn’t but it took my mind off a lot of things.


photo (44)

When I got back from Ireland I found out that one of my relatives came down with an illness, and being a small family, it hit us pretty hard. Not being able to help was the hardest part.  Things got on top of me for the remainder of February. But the good news is that they’re better and making a brilliant recovery.

I think it goes to show that anything can happen at any time, and it’s better to enjoy each day as it arrives.

Now onto March, it’s a month filled with birthdays; including mine so I think that it makes sense to focus on letting go of negativity as I approach  20.  I can hold grudges for a long time and I always bring up the past, even though it pointless I still do it.  But imma try anyway.

Until then, Happy March everyone.



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