Dealing with insecurities

Everyone has insecurities, some might be minor and some insecurities take extreme forms. I know what it like is to cover the spectrum.

Insecurities stem from so many different things but essentially it’s down to people. One comment can stick with you for days, weeks or even years. And I know from experience as an overweight teenager what that’s like. No matter how much you change those words are still there taunting you in the back of your mind and it sucks.

I never wanted to write a blog post based on insecurities because there’s not much advice that I can give someone, as I deal with my insecurities daily. But last week someone planted a seed of doubt in my head and I let it defeat me and I got home and had a little cry.

The comment wasn’t about my looks or my personality but in hindsight I wish it had been, because comments like that cant affect me anymore. I came to terms knowing that you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and growing up taught me to like who I am, flaws and all.

There’s not a quick fix when it comes to battling with insecurities. Even now the comments from last week go round and round in my head but there comes a point where you just have to let go of it. I personally think a good cry is ok, because I find crying therapeutic but as much as a comment can affect you, imagine how much it will affect the person when they realise they didn’t hurt you.

I think the best tip I could give anyone is confront your insecurities. Accept you’re not happy with something but then think about all the things you are happy with. Dealing with people who are making you insecure is often a little harder but I would say swallow that lump that creeps up at the back of your throat and remember that one insignificant person isn’t going to get one up on you. Because that’s all they are insignificant and irrelevant and you don’t need to acknowledge them or their comment.

How do you deal with insecurities?

Until next time!



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