Post Holiday Blues

I think the title gave it away Ha!, but we all suffer from it. That sinking feeling you get when the pilot announces you’ll be preparing for landing, and you know its all over.  If you’ve just come back from holiday like I have, I feel your pain.

I went to the South of Tenerife for nine nights and it was utter bliss, not just the fact that I was with my favourite person, but my cousin and her boyfriend were vacationing near us, so it was perfect.

My favourite thing about going on holiday is that feeling you get when you pull up to your resort/hotel, all those worries shrivel up and you can unwind and enjoy a jug of sangria.. or about ten in my case.

We stayed in Santa Barbara  Golf & Ocean Club and I couldn’t recommend it enough, the staff were incredibly helpful, the pool was mesmerising and  the onsite restaurant was scrumptious… although coming from the girl who chose pizza every time… I may not be the best critic.


photo (56)

photo (55)

photo (53)

photo (52)

Horrible quality but an unforgettable experience

We did the jet-skis mid-way with my cousins,  I was anxious both the night before and the morning of, but about 25- minutes into it I was having an amazing time. Note, it’s not for the faint hearted, I’m pretty sure I was close to tears at one point and laughing uncontrollably the next but if you ever have the opportunity you definitely should.

Even looking through these pictures is making me sad, but the best tip to get over the holiday blues? Book yourself another one!!

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer or at least whatever is left of it and hopefully now I’ll get back to posting more frequently.

Speak soon. Nat x


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